Aquarylic® – The innovation of premium color

Aquarylic ® is the own brand and painting technique of the artist Angelika Domenig. The interplay of aquarylic paints and water on different painting surfaces primarily determine her central field of activity. She is constantly looking for new materials and colors that can be easily processed. She would now like to pass on her favorite products in this online shop.

Creation of the brand

In her courses Angelika would like to teach all (hobby) artists her painting technique. With conviction and many years of course experience, she knows that the painting technique, the medium and the tool are the most important.

The unique and special thing about the Aquarylic ® Colors is the color intensity and the processing method. Our works of art are given depth and strength by applying transparent and covering paint.

You can find more information about the colors in the product description and in the application videos we show you how the colors are applied pure or glazed.

Angelika is convinced of the quality of her products, which is why they all Products that are in our Aquarylic ® Online shop offered, also used by yourself. Be it in courses or in their works of art .

Angelika Domenig

About me

My name is Angelika Domenig and I am a freelance artist, designer and lecturer. After numerous painting studies, I am doing this today Artpassion roof studio in Dornbirn. I put all my passion into it Course area . My versatile techniques from abstract to motif are very popular with my painting students and art enthusiasts from home and abroad. That is why there will be one for the first time from 2020 Masterclass (Intensive course) in the Artpassion roof studio. There I offer various advanced modules.

What is art to me?

Everyone has their own definition for this. For me it means to be reflected in my works and to be able to convey my own feelings to the viewer. My pictures develop step by step, grow and arise from emotions.

“Everyone is a painter”

I believe that everyone is an artist. Everyone can paint and express their feelings in their own pictures.

Everyone is a bearer of abilities!
Wherever he develops his abilities, he is an artist.

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