Aquarylic® – The innovation of premium color

Aquarylic ® is an art supplies brand and at the same time the name of our unique new color. Our Aquarylic paint is the new color dimension next to acrylic, watercolor and oil paints. The special characteristic of the paint is that it dries glossy when applied pure. This creates even more tension in the artwork. When applied with a glazing effect, the paint dries satin-matt. In combination with water, it exhibits a very special flow behavior, similar to watercolor paints. The color “follows the water”.

Due to the high pigmentation, the color is very efficient in use and can be mixed with a lot of water. Aquarylic color is the only color that can be perfectly combined with acrylic, watercolor and oil paints. The rich and vibrant colors make the artist’s heart beat faster.

Aquarylic Colors

Origin of the brand

The artist and lecturer Angelika Domenig is constantly on the lookout for new materials and colors that are easy to work with. With conviction and many years of teaching experience, she knows that both the painting technique and the -medium and -tool are most important. In this search, she came across a particular color composition that is perfect for her technique. With some adjustments, this has resulted in Aquarylic paint. In her painting courses, which are very popular in the DACH region, the instructor has since used her Aquarylic colors, in addition to her own acrylic colors. The feedback on the colors is filled with enthusiasm and since then we have been successfully selling them through our online store.

What is unique and special about the Aquarylic colors is the color intensity and the processing method. Glazing and opaque color applications give depth and power to our artworks.

In addition to the paints, we also sell special fillers such as iron filings or stone powder. Our popular Chalk White SPECIAL should also not be missing from any purchase. It is perfect for mixing and has a strong absorbent property.

Angelika is convinced of the quality of her products, which is why she uses all the products offered in our Aquarylic® online store herself. Be it in courses or in her artwork.

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